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Laser Hair Removal in Birmingham for Men and Women!

Bored and tired of having to always shave, wax or thread hair off your body?

Finally, your perfect opportunity to say goodbye to those time-consuming hair removal methods and look at getting laser hair removal treatment, which will put an end to removing stubborn unwanted hair on your body! Shaving, waxing and plucking can be time-consuming, painful and frankly extremely traumatic. Make these annoying practices a thing of the past by booking a course of Laser Hair Removal at Virtue Skin and Hair clinic in Birmingham.

The constant grind of shaving can lead to skin damage and unsightly stubble in both sexes. Whilst plucking and waxing can lead to painful ingrowing hairs and irritating skin conditions all these factors that can leave the sensitive layers of the skin with long-lasting damage.

These potentially painful methods are not even permanent solutions and can leave you dealing with thicker, darker hairs time and time again. Laser Hair Removal is a far more permanent and ultimately a far less painless solution. Why not contact us and say how we can help you find a more viable solution in the battle against unsightly unwanted hair growth.

Invest in yourself and book a course of treatment that will lead to a beautifully hairless body, remove the annoyance of wasting money on products or treatments and rid yourself of that unsightly confidence draining hair!

Fact: The average woman will spend an amazing 72 days shaving her legs* over her lifetime.

Fact: 25% of men would consider permanent hair removal as part of their overall grooming regime.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

If you need to minimise stubborn hairs in certain areas, we highly recommend Laser Hair Removal at our Birmingham clinic. At Virtue Skin and Hair Clinics, we use high-quality cutting-edge technology where a high-powered light laser system is moved gently over the skin.

Laser Hair Removal therapy works by targeting and destroying unwanted hair. The laser energy passes through the skin in the form of a light pulse, creating a heat blast that damages the hair follicle beneath. This means that it delays or even permanently stops any further follicle growth.

Laser Hair Removal has been around for decades in one form or another but has increased in popularity over time and is now regarding as a fantastic way to remove unwanted body hair leading to increased body confidence.

Is Laser Hair Removal Suitable for Both Men and Women?

The truth is that nowadays laser hair removal is an accepted treatment for both men and women and is an excellent way to remove unsightly hairs. It is extremely simple to remove unwanted hairs with laser hair therapy, allowing anybody to obtain that smoother, youthful look that everyone is after.

Facial, bikini line and leg hairs are the most common areas for female Laser Hair Removal, whilst the most common areas for male hair removal are the chest, shoulders and back, though interestingly an increasing number of men now look to reduce unwanted hairs around the neck and even on the face.

Women have always struggled with ways to remove hair throughout history, so finding a more permanent solution to this age-old problem is ideal. Laser Hair Removal is a fantastic way to remove the annoyance and time-consuming process of feminine hair removal.

Men have also seen a revolution in male grooming over the last thirty years, with excess hair removal being one of the key areas that they now invest in.

It has become increasingly common for men to have hair removal treatments anywhere on their bodies. The modern man knows exactly what they want and removing unattractive hair in unwanted places no longer holds the stigma it once did.

Unwanted and excess hair can be uncomfortable, unsightly and unattractive and can harm both male and female self-confidence. Feeling more relaxed in your skin is not something that can be overlooked, cosmetic hair removal can lead to increased feelings of self-confidence, self-worth and overall wellbeing. Why have that extra worry of not feeling your best when the Laser Hair Removal process is such a simple, longer-lasting and relatively unobtrusive process?

Meet Dr Marshall

Dr Marshall is a highly experienced non-surgical cosmetic practitioner who is passionate about aesthetics and anti-aging treatments. Dr Marshall has trained with some of the UK’s most distinguished plastic surgeons and is a valued member of the VCS team. He routinely performs innovative, up to the minute cosmetic procedures, that achieve long-lasting results for clients.

Virtue Skin Clinics thrive on providing a quality laser hair removal service in Birmingham at the right price. We ensure we meet the highest standards of treatments and ensure any client who walks through our door, leaves happy.

Laser Hair Removal | Full Body Special Offer

£ £139 per session
  • Full Face: £55 per session - Up to 8 sessions recommended.
  • Eyebrows: £50 per session - Up to 8 sessions recommended.
  • Chin and Neck: £105 per session - Up to 8 sessions recommended.
  • Upper Lip and Chin: £35 per session - Up to 8 sessions recommended.
  • Sides of Face: £30 per session - Up to 8 sessions recommended.
  • Neck: £35 per session - Up to 8 sessions recommended.
  • Full Arms: £50 per session - Up to 8 sessions recommended.
  • Top Chest: £59 per session - Up to 8 sessions recommended.
  • Full Legs: £65 per session - Up to 8 sessions recommended.
  • Under Arms: £40 per session - Up to 8 sessions recommended.
  • Bikini Line: £45 per session - Up to 8 sessions recommended.
  • Full Bikini: £55 per session - Up to 8 sessions recommended.
  • Abdomen: £49 per session - Up to 8 sessions recommended.
  • Full Body: £139 per session - Up to 8 sessions recommended.
  • We offer discounts on multiple sessions, you normally require up to 8 sessions for the best and more permanent results

See What Our Clients Say

September 2020 Client

“I’ve been to this clinic for the third time and have not been disappointed. The staff are very friendly and skilled, the clinic is very clean and trendy. I’ve been to the clinic for laser hair removal and sports massages and I highly recommend both.”


Frequently asked Questions

What happens in my free laser hair removal consultation?

During your first appointment/consultation, there will be several actions we will need to take with you which are outlined below:

  1. We will request your permission to photograph the chosen area of treatment. We can then monitor the progress of the treatments as we move through each stage.
  2. A consent form will be provided for you to sign, and any questions will be answered in your first appointment. Any signs of scarring or underlying skin disorders such as eczema are identified. If there are any broken areas or pustules, the laser hair removal treatment will be delayed until the area is completely healed.
  3. A patch test will be carried out in the first consultation and treatment may proceed the next week if there is no adverse reaction (we take your safety extremely seriously, so this is an important requirement to see if there are any unknown issues)
  4. A course of treatments is always necessary due to the nature of skin due to its protective role.

How many laser hair removal treatments will I need?

This can vary per person and depending on the amount and thickness of hair that needs to be removed, Individual follicles also cycle between two states over an approximate four-to-six-week period referred to as active and dormant.

Within any given area of the body, individual hair follicles will all be at different stages of this individual hair cycle. Laser hair removal is only effective against hair follicles that are in their active growth phase, and so to achieve permanent (or long-term) hair removal in a particular area, the procedure needs to be repeated several times (ensuring that each hair follicle is treated).

In general, total coverage can be reached after around eight sessions, spaced four to six weeks apart. However, this is not always the case and a few sessions more or a few sessions less may be required depending on the individual. Here at Virtue Skin Clinic, we ensure we monitor patients closely until we can see the hair follicles been removed correctly and safely.

It is not uncommon for patients to need one to two maintenance sessions per year after their initial treatment. At Virtue Skin Clinic, our specialists will be happy to advise you of the next steps required.

Is the treatment painful?

The pain people experience during sessions tend to vary due to personal tolerance. However, it is an unobtrusive experience and should not be too uncomfortable. Many people have described the feeling as having many small pinches on the skin and have labelled it as only “mildly irritating”.

As the hair removal sessions go on and the hair becomes weaker and weaker any pain experienced should lessen.

After the treatment, there may well be a degree of discomfort and redness on the skin, but this should last for more than a few hours. Our patients should easily be able to go about their everyday lives by following a few simple skincare rules that will be passed on by our knowledgeable staff.

Are there any possible risks or side effects?

– Possible risks or discomforts (side effects) may include pain, burning, blisters formation, and stinging sensation, infection, pigmentation changes including decrease or increase in skin colour at the site of treatment

– As with all cosmetic procedures, the outcome cannot be guaranteed. However, laser hair removal has an extremely high success rate, and most people will respond excellently to our treatments.

– Eye injury due to the use of the laser or pulsed light system is a risk to the patient and the clinician; however, safety goggles are provided and must always be worn during all treatments. The use of Laser treatment directly around the eyes is usually not undertaken for this exact reason.

What about laser hair removal aftercare?

A soothing after treatment balm is applied to the treated area to help protect the skin following treatment. A high SPF sun factor is vital to protect the treated area from sun exposure and must be continued for one month post-treatment. Tanning after treatment sessions may enhance melanin regeneration, which may result in hyper-pigmentation.

Is Laser Hair Removal suitable for all skin types and tones?

Whatever our race or skin type the truth is that the modern person could all do with a little less hair on their bodies. We are all prone to unwanted hair and nowadays, effective treatments are available for every skin tone.

When laser hair removal was in its infancy it was much harder to see results in darker skin types, however great strides have been made and it is now much safer for more highly melanated skin colours to see fabulous and long-lasting results.

Darker skin tones may well need a few more sessions booked to see the same results as fairer skin tones, but this will all depend on the individual patient and varies per person.

Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment permanent?

If the hair follicle is eventually fully destroyed by laser treatment, then the hair will not be able to grow back, if the treatment is not totally completed and the follicle only damaged then the hair will over time recuperate and eventually grow back. The amount of time that the hair will grow back in is dependent on the damage done to the initial hair, but also will be dependent on the personal hair growth cycle of the individual.

Free Consult with Virtue Skin Clinics

At Virtue Skin Clinic we only employ the most experienced, and professional staff. All our colleagues all armed with the correct expertise needed to provide you with the perfect Laser Removal treatments and advice. Please call us to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about the Laser Hair Removal procedures and prices we can provide.

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