Male Hair Systems – Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Male Hair Systems

Male Hair Systems - Non Surgical Hair Replacement in Birmingham

Losing your hair? Losing your confidence?

With Virtue Hair Clinic’s Non-Surgical hair replacement/treatment now you can. Hair loss can affect many individuals. If you are suffering from any type of hair loss, from Alopecia or male pattern baldness to Trichotillomania or Hypertrichosis, we have the easiest answer to your problem. Non-surgical hair replacement allows you to have hair that looks and feels as natural as possible.

Baldness in men is an extremely common issue, effecting over 80% in their lifetimes. It’s just so common that it’s something that people should just accept and deal with, right? Wrong! Male pattern baldness is the most common cosmetic issue that modern men say affect their overall body image and confidence.

Thinning or losing hair can feel like an embarrassing confidence drainer and act as constant worry for those that suffer from it. Hair is an important part of someone’s overall image, and we should not overlook the confidence sapping effect that losing it can have. Poor body image can lead to low self-esteem and even depression. Hair loss can have a massive effect on the confidence of even the most confident man and the long-term effects of hair loss on mental health cannot be ignored.

Losing your hair makes you look older; and no doubt feel older, it is a fact! If you are ok with that, that is fine! If it worries you, can do anything to stop this downward spiral?

Options for balding men

Men have looked for solutions to their balding issues for thousands of years, from rubbing oils on their heads to drinking potions, special foods, wearing wigs or praying for divine intervention, despite this going bald has always been an unstoppable curse.

It has only been in the last forty years that medicine has given us viable solutions to prevent this age-old painful problem. The only medical cures proven to work have come in the form of Medicines such as Finasteride and Dutasteride both of which block the body’s production of DHT and Minoxidil which is a topical solution that increases blood flow to the scalp.

These certified medicines can have fantastic results, but they are not a perfect fit for everyone and can also lead to unwanted issues, such as erectile disfunction, anxiety, heart palpitations or skin irritations. It can also prove to be an expensive undertaking, with monthly payments for the medicines that must be continued over a lifetime.

The other medical option that has gained popularity is hair transplantation. The hair transplant industry is growing rapidly, and they are becoming increasingly common. A transplant is a surgical option that involves taking hair from parts of the head unaffected by male pattern baldness and placed into the bald top and back of the head.

Transplants are in truth, painful and expensive, and there are no guarantees that they will be a total success. It can take nearly a year to recover from hair transplants and this stress, pain and expenditure are not for everyone.

What is male pattern Baldness?

Men can suffer from a variety of baldness issues ranging from Alopecia, Hypertrichosis and Trichotillomania! However, the most widespread cause of hair loss is androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) which is the hereditary condition that causes baldness in around 95% of men.

Male pattern baldness commonly begins in men in their 30s and 40s and slowly progresses throughout time. However androgenic alopecia can even begin in a man’s teens or early twenties It is a progressive condition so throughout a man’s life the condition will continue to worsen. Male pattern baldness causes hair to thin on the front and back and over time (at its worst) can case total baldness.

Androgenic Alopecia is caused by a chemical called DHT which is an offshoot of Testosterone, it attacks sand slowly miniaturises hair follicles leading to continued hair loss.

What Services do we provide at Virtue Hair Clinics?

Here at Virtue Skin and Hair Clinic, we provide two non-medical (and relatively unobtrusive) hair loss solutions. Micro Scalp Pigmentation and Male hair systems, they are both excellent solutions for people who do not see transplants or medicine as a viable option. It has become far more acceptable in modern society for men to take appropriate action in their hair loss battle. The stigma that was once attached to balding has largely disappeared and we are delighted at Virtue Skin and Hair Clinics to be able to guide you along your journey.

How does the Non-Surgical Hair Replacement work?

There has amazing been leaps in the hair system field over the last few decades, hair systems are now custom made with a breathable hair membrane. This is carefully and gently stuck to the scalp with a bonding agent that holds the hair replacement in place, making it unmoveable and secure.

The hair colour is matched with precision to your own shade and hair type, making the hair system virtually impossible to detect.

Finding the correct coloured hair is an integral part of creating a perfect result, so that the hair system will be unnoticeable. You can even dye your hair if needs be, but you may well need to ensure the colour is refreshed every month or so. The hair replacement system can last for up to four months; however, this can vary from person to person.  On average a person can expect to have a six or seven-week life for their hair replacement system.

The amount of exercise, medication or profession can all affect the amount of time that the hair replacement system can remain secured in place. Once the hair system is fully bonded and cut correctly into place you will be able to style and move the hair around naturally in any way you please, leaving you with a normal and natural look.

You may well notice a small lip at the edge of your fringe where the hair replacement system is found but this will be unnoticeable unless extremely thoroughly inspected and it will soon just become part of your new hair that you will adjust to. Apart from this the replacement hair system will appear and feel totally natural and give your hair new lease of life.

Will my hair look natural?

The hair system is painstakingly hand crafted by experts, with hair strands grafted in directions that make it appear natural and flowing. The system takes on a fully natural look (with the membrane mimicking the look of a natural scalp), leaving you able to run your hands through your hair without issue.

The days of unnatural looking wigs are in the past and with proper care & maintenance you will leave Virtue Skin Clinic with an amazing life changing look time after time.

Many men of all ages have been taking the next step and using hair systems. It is relatively cost effective compared to medical or surgical solutions and is a simple way to take the struggle of dealing with hair loss off your list of everyday worries.

What about the finished results?

The finished results will leave you feeling confident. Your new hair will not affect your lifestyle in any way, you can swim, run, or continue any of your usual sports & showers as you would. The system is non detachable and will appear natural in every way. You will be able to go about your life with a newfound confidence

How much does it cost?

Each treatment cost is perfectly tailored to you and your own personal hair system solution. The price depends on what your personal requirements are, however, our minimum charge will start at £90.

Our staff will carefully assess your requirements and look at your own particular personal needs. We have a professional and knowledgeable staff who have been fully trained to put your mind at rest. Please feel free to call us and discuss taking you forward with your hair replacement system.

Hair replacement aftercare

Like with anything new to the body there will be a period of adjustment, for some it is a day or two, for some a week, others might take a little longer. No matter how long you take to adjust to your new hair we will always be here to reassure you and talk you through any questions or issues you may have. With time you will come to regard the hair system as part of your everyday life, and you can move forward with total confidence.

Could I have a completely new look?

Of Course! Our experienced hair stylists cut your new systems in to your existing hair giving a natural blended finish. You can choose a style you had previously or radically change your look and colour, anything is possible. Our stylist will offer advice on styles & maintenance. You can bring a picture from a book or magazine if you prefer. We have fantastically professional staff who all can give you the exact style and look that you would like.

See What Our Male Clients Say

June 2021 Client

“The hair loss treatment has been life changing for me, from constantly wearing a cap i now feel confident going out with my hair in full view, the staff were wonderful and really made me feel like a million dollars!”

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Case Study

Baljinder came in with thinning hair and wanted a solution to bring back his youthful look with a bit more hair and give him the confidence that he lacked because of his hair. Through our treatment we were able to provide this to him. From the before and after pictures you can see the difference it made. The video outlines further the difference we make with the treatment. Baljinder was very pleased with his new look, it has given him his confidence back and he is no longer feels embarrassed because of his hair.

Male hair systems before and after

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