What are hair systems I hear you ask. Its not a common joining of 2 words but in the world of male grooming it’s a well known term. Hair Systems are custom made hair pieces or partial wigs made from synthetic or excellent quality human hair. Hair systems have recently become a popular and more suitable option for men with hair loss or thinning hair. Hair systems used to have a taboo or frowned upon opinion which has changed a lot recently with men more open minded about the potential it has and the flexibility that it gives to you.

Advantages of Hair Systems

Non Surgical and Side Effects

The biggest advantage of hair systems is that it’s a non-surgical procedure. Hair transplants are surgical and run a higher risk of infection, scaring or something more serious, whereas that risk is removed with hair systems where it saves you from any pain or risk. Surgery can be a big step for any individual, so hair systems take that risk or thought away and allow you to get the hair that you desire for very little risk.
The side effects of hair systems are zero. There is no having to rest or sleep or any medical side effects, which is different to hair transplants. The side effects of hair transplants can be quite high and cause unnecessary stress which with hair systems I avoidable.

Instant Results

With hair systems, the results are instant. There is no waiting for the hair to grow back or for you to get the results you want. With hair transplants you may need to 4-6 months to see results, this isn’t an issue with hair systems, where time is on your side. The process is quick and easy and gives you instant results.

Semi Permanent

Another great advantage with hair systems is that they are not permanent if you choose them not to be. If you don’t like it anymore or want it removed this can simply be done. With hair transplant this cannot be done, they are permanent fixtures and once you do them you cannot reverse the changes.

Guaranteed Results

Lastly the biggest ad most important part and advantage of hair systems from Virtue Skin and Hair Clinic is that we guarantee results. You choose the hair style, the colour and the volume and we make it happen. Every person has the opportunity to get great hair again. Hair systems will work on everyone whether you have had extensive hair loss or even some hair loss.

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